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Experience the quality of handcrafted Turkish blankets woven by skilled artisans who are passionate about the art of weaving. Lushrobe Bamboo throw is not plush, not microfiber or polyester. Each thread is weaved with thread made of 70% Bamboo and 30% cotton making it incredibly smooth and soft to the touch and most importantly natural. Present someone with the perfect gift of a one of a kind hand-woven, all-natural throw blanket.

    • 92″L x 64″W
    • Premium Heavyweight Throw Blanket
    • 70% Ultra Soft Bamboo / 30% Natural Turkish Cotton
    • Perfect for the Home or as Gift
    • Double-Layered
    • Machine Washable (See Label)
    • Designed in Miami, FL
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64 reviews for Bamboo Throw Blanket

  1. Ayse Gurel

    I have to tell you that i was shocked by the quality of this product. It came in a great looking box. A beautiful scent came out of the box as soon as i opened it and i was in love. It is very soft and so comfortable to cuddle with. I think this is one my best purchases on Amazon so far and i will definitely buy few more towards holiday season for christmas gifts!

  2. Bob

    Purchased as a gift. The recipient was very positive and loves it.

  3. Brenda Turpin

    This product exceeded my expectations. Quality is excellent. It came nicely packaged in a box that is worthy of gift giving. Would definitely purchase again and have recommended to others.

  4. Ing

    Beautiful throw blanket. Light, but still warm.

  5. Lenita W.

    These are gifts so I haven’t taken them out of the package, but just touching them without unfolding them they seem very soft and the packaging was exquisite!

  6. Lynn

    I purchased this beautiful throw as a gift. It was beautiful and so soft. Exactly what I expected for bamboo. Also, the packaging was first class and added an extra dynamic to the gift angle, making it look extremely expensive!

  7. Carol G Kellogg

    A very well made blanket of very good quality fiber, is super soft. Washes well. Very happy.

  8. MM

    Good quality, soft and beautiful. It covers my sofa well and protects it and matches my decor pretty good. I machine washed it and dried it and it held up well too.

  9. lisa sama

    This blanket is huge and comfy!!!

  10. Daburgh

    I got this for my 18 year old granddaughter for a xmas present… I saw her in the mall about a week later and she had it wrapped around her walking through the mall. I guess that says enough 🙂

  11. Carrie B.

    Love it! Exactly like the picture.

  12. Christopher C.

    Nice large throw, soft fabric all in all great blanket, could be a little thicker

  13. DP

    Very soft and snuggly right out of the gorgeous luxurious packaging!

  14. F Cherwin

    Love the quality and size. Packing was great, very happy with our purchase.

  15. Roberta J Grimm

    I bought this throw for my daughter because it was made from natural fibers. However it was not very soft, and had a strange smell when she opened it. Perhaps that would go away and it would soften with washing, but We returned the product.

  16. tatiana Skadorwa

    Very soft, beautiful, thin but warm blanket


    We have to return the item. Not long enough to fit the sofa. Do you have it in a longer siz3e, say 96′?

  18. Watts

    Very nice throw!!!

  19. RD

    Bought this as a Christmas gift for my 86 yo ex mother in law. She loves it. Great quality, soft and very comforting for her. This is a great product, she highly recommends it.

  20. Susan B.

    It is just beautiful and elegant…

  21. Kimberly

    Very thin….same day there were small holes in the fabric.

  22. Jennie V.

    This couch cover is beautiful! Fits my regular size couch that has recliners on both ends just perfectly. It is very soft and was packaged beautifully!

  23. Tamara

    Exactly what we were looking for! Right color and texture, great quality at a great price!

  24. Melissa

    I was so happy with my purchase. This bamboo and cotton throw is so soft, warm, and looks very beautiful with the subtle pattern. You can tell it is made very well. Comes in a very nice box so would be perfect for a gift. I will most likely buy another. I’ve already washed it and it looks perfect! Love how soft it is!

  25. Valerie Zukowski

    I like the way it looks, and I like the weight, and I like the idea of something made of bamboo and cotton. What I don’t like is that it creases easily, and it does not uncrease easily. Thank you.

  26. Birgitte Kristen

    Great Quality. Very soft.

  27. Angie

    Love the blanket, it’s just what I was looking for. It isn’t quite as soft as I’d expected, as it does state ‘ultra soft’, but I have not washed it yet so hopefully over time it will get cozier and cozier! Will try to remember to come back and update after a washing to see how it holds up!

  28. SKJ

    This is a very nice, soft blanket. Good quality. My only issue is that it’s thinner than I expected. Not a winter blanket but good for the rest of the year or fold it over in winter.

  29. TheWacoKid

    I bought two of these as Christmas for the two special ladies in my life, Mom and Darlin. Both of them love the blanket. It looks very attractive and is positively snuggly soft. The ox these blankets come in are also quite nice making them a great gift. Mom immediately washed hers and it’s Perfect. Darlin was happy with hers straight out of the box. Now I need to gift one to myself.

  30. CJS


  31. Jeffery Schweizer

    I bought this as a gift. They loved it and could not have been happier. It made me look good and feel good to give such a nice gift.

  32. Kindle Customer

    I bought this to lay down on my cream sofa. It is so soft, the perfect color, & even smelled so fresh & amazing when I took it from the box (especially so after I gave it a tumble dry). Really happy with the purchase.

  33. soamieh amini

    I was looking for a light and soft throw for a long time. So happy to find this lovely item.

  34. carol gardner


  35. Aries

    This blanket is beautiful and perfectly soft. I couldn’t be happier. Ultra fast shipping with Amazon Prime– ordered it Saturday afternoon and received it yesterday–Sunday afternoon. As soon as I opened it I was impressed. The packaging is really really nice just as other reviewers have stated. Definitely gift worthy–although it did have a distinctly strong chemical smell when I removed it from the box. However, after just 1 night out on my balcony in the fresh air and the smell has gone.I have my balcony decorated as an outdoor room with a chaise that I sleep on almost every night. This throw blanket is perfect for cool nights. It’s super soft and plenty large enough even for more than one person. So far there’s no shedding but it’s only been 1 night and I haven’t washed/dried it yet.

  36. Mommy Jessup

    Best Blanket EVER!!! It arrived quick & was packaged perfectly. When you open the box you are met with this fresh, clean smell that nobody had mentioned in their reviews. There was a scented sachet card laying on top of the nicely folded blanket that I am sure to add to my storage drawer. It smells & feels like it came fresh out of the dryer. It is so light weight, soft & cozy. If you are considering buying this blanket…think no more…just buy it, you will be happy that you did! I’m adding this to my Save For Later cart now, because this is the perfect go to gift for wedding showers, Christmas or Just Because occasions. It looks so much more expensive than it is, nobody would believe that you bought this for under $40.

  37. Barbara C. Wood

    Very large lightweight throw for recliner. Very very nice quality material.

  38. Diva Chick

    This blanket/throw is gorgeous!! I bought two to drape over the backs of two chairs in my family room and they really look great. The packaging is very upscale and elegant. The throws even have a faint, lovely hint of fragrance. I love them for myself and plan on purchasing as gifts in the future!

  39. TTBB33

    These were pretty but ultra thin. As a chair throw would be nice. Also more yellowy instead of off white.

  40. Anna Scott Lewis

    love this! best gift. smells great, looks very expensive and great soft material! super comfy

  41. TeaSage

    I was all set to order this blanket when some reviewers mentioned it came with a scented packet in the delivery box. WHY? Why would the manufacturer put in a scented product when so many people have to stay away from scented products nowadays because of health conditions. Thanks for the heads up from those who mentioned the packet. NOT for our household.

  42. Vivian Sims


  43. bookmark momma

    The hubs needed a large throw to protect his favorite chair from cat/ dog and to use for occa’l naps. It is too thin to protect his chair but is very soft and large and works well for a throw. The tassled edge may not last through many washings is our concern

  44. Amazon Customer

    Really soft and comfortable! Originally bought to cover my hand-me-down couch, but didn’t end up being long enough. Unfortunately, my husband said it was too much to spend on just a blank, so we returned it.. Totally would have kept it otherwise!

  45. Jeans and T-shirt girl

    Wow, I felt like I was getting a present when I opened my Amazon box. There was my Bamboo throw in a very nice sleeved box. The box itself has a ribbon latch that you open, the throw is wrapped in tissue paper…what can I say…it’s just presented so lovely! I was impressed. If you want to get someone a gift this would be a great one! The throw itself is really nice, light enough that it doesn’t pull on your toes or make you too hot. Nice and big to curl up with, by yourself or to share. I’ve been using it even with the air conditioning! It wouldn’t take the place of an afghan for really cold climates but when you need some warmth without it being a big heavy afghan this would work. It seems thin but it’s warm.

  46. lhs

    Very uptown looking throw – use on my living room sofa. Hope it washes well

  47. Facundo Diaz

    Excellent material and quality!

  48. mary

    Love the size

  49. DonnaMarie

    This blanket is thin but extremely soft and well made. It is perfect to use at the foot of a bed as added decor.

  50. Aubrey

    Looks good and is soft but has a strange smell

  51. LemonDrop326

    This is all look soft and big!! My new favorite throw

  52. Jurgen

    During second washing threads came apart and blanket is extremely pilled. Super disappointed….

  53. DeborahB

    So, I tried three different ones and this came out the winner for softness. It’s even better now that I have washed it once. None of them have the completely silky feel you’d expect and want from bamboo, but I think it is partly because they all have a patterned weave that stops the surface from being perfectly smooth.Since this is typically applied over bare skin, I would think there would be an even bigger market for smoother ones. They should try it and find out.The other two competitors were:2. NTBAY 100% Cotton Cable Knit –this was a close contender3/ BedVoyage Bamboo Knit –this was the roughest of the lot (also all cotton).These are all similar price, but Lushrobe could cut the price by making that gift box optional. It really is gift-worthy, very sturdy and nice, with a ribbon inside etc, but you don’t need this if you’re buying it for yourself and I am sure it would save them a lot of money to make it optional and charge an extra bit for it.I cannot tell how long it will last, but it does not give me the impression of being flimsy (unlike the other bamboo). I also don’t mind the tassels, as I can fold it in a way that places them sideways, not under my chin.Perfect for the fall and spring or chilly summer nights! Not too warm but not too thin either.

  54. LBK

    Really nice and large – covers half of a king-sized bed. I’ve washed it 3 times and comes out as if brand new.

  55. D. Frey

    Got this for my daughter’s new apartment, and she loves it. Soft, large enough to use as a blanket if needed, and a neutral color.

  56. jag220

    The box is fabulous….gifted to my daughter to use on the rocker/glider that had an unattractive seat cushion…

  57. Patricia Jensen

    This looks like such a flimsy throw. Not made to be used regularly. I just bought it and it wrinkles super easy, starting to pile and the threading is already sticking up/messing up. I don’t see this lasting through the wash much at all. The main reason was for us to have a blanket to keep warm on the couch and this is rediculous, such a thin sheet. I also bought it because of the listed bigger size! You have to keep it folded up so it can be a little thicker so for that matter this was a dumb buy, really you’re buying a throw that’s half the size because you’ll always keep it folded.

  58. Yoav Helfman

    blanket is reasonably soft. it’s pretty thin although it is nice and large. i probably wouldn’t buy it again but it’s not bad

  59. Amazon Customer

    Excellent product. Texture is soft and weave is tight.Allows breathing. Comfortable in wide range of temperatures.Size is a plus. Gave as gifts, and the reviews were positive

  60. Katherine

    Hard to please son actually wrote a thank you note for this gift,

  61. Bunclody Senator

    I bought one as a throw for my bed. It was so pleasing, I bought three more for my guestrooms, and one for my niece.They are gorgeous and the combination of pure Turkish cotton and bamboo fibers make them so soft and pleasing to the touch. I’m very sensitive to artificial fibers. This is all natural.Well recommended [I’ve re-ordered twice, to a total of 5 of them].

  62. Barbara

    Friend to whom I sent it as Christmas gift lived it.

  63. LAC

    Love the size for it allows you to drape the entire width of the bed, but I noticed picks in the fabric after the forth night of being on the bed.

  64. Rain

    I haven’t washed the blanket/throw yet. But, it was beautifully packaged, a lovely color, exactly what I was looking for! I have a light colored couch and I use the throw to protect my couch from dirt & stains. Living in the tropics of Mexico, just a slight bit of perspiration can lead to a stain. This blanket protects my couch and enhances it’s appeal. I hope the queen size, which is hard to find in a throw, doesn’t shrink too much.

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